Infinity Primus PC251

Bafle Central de 2 Vias con Doble Woofer de 5.25″

Infinity Primus, con un aspecto clásico atractivo, Primus utiliza la famosa tecnología de infinity para crear un producto natural, donde no tiene ninguna distorsión, incluso a un sonido de alta potencia y para películas.
La Marca Infinity siempre se ha asociado con una acústica de prestigio, rica en tecnología de punta. Los woofers están construidos de un material de MMD (aluminio con un revestimiento cerámico). La misma tecnologia se utiliza para los tweeters de 19 milímetros.

Precio: U$D 310.-

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  • With the Infinity Primus® PC251BK's Metal Matrix Diaphragm™ technology and low resonance enclosures, it possesses excellent transient frequency response -agile and sharp - perfectly reproducing sophisticated percussion and piano modalities. You will hear music just the way it was recorded, without the speaker changing or altering the sound - precisely as it should be. Combined with its superb linear frequency response, the Primus PC251BK sparkles in the high frequencies to reproduce acoustic instruments and vocal tracks with robust midrange power to wash you in sound.
  • Primus. Where home theater begins. With their excellent midrange clarity and three-way capabilities, the Infinity Primus® PC251BK is the perfect home theater companion. Dialogue and foley tracks are articulated exceptionally well and seem to hang in the air - even amidst the most cacophonic battle or chase scene (or Hans Zimmer score). The Primus PC251BK brings long-term, plug-and-play, trouble-free enjoyment to your home theater, unheard of at this price point - and it is the perfect complement to any 5.1- or 7.1-channel home theater system.
  • Patented MMD® transducer technology. Derived from our patented CMMD® technology, the Metal Matrix Diaphragm™ (MMD) approach continues the Infinity tradition of using advanced materials to improve sonic accuracy. These diaphragms are much stiffer than standard metal ones - by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core, we're able to significantly improve cone performance and outperform cones made of paper, polypropylene or Kevlar® material. By virtue of its extreme rigidity and resistance to resonance, MMD® material is far more than just another diaphragm substance. It is an ideal diaphragm material for the ultimate listening experience. Sound propagates at a higher velocity in metals than in materials such as polymers and papers. Sound will travel through MMD material nearly twice as fast as it will through any other cone material - thus, moving unwanted resonances outside the audible range.
  • Two-way center-channel loudspeaker
  • Dual 5-1/4" (133mm) MMD® low-frequency drivers
  • 3/4" (19mm) MMD hi-frequency driver
  • Five-way binding posts
  • Legendary Infinity® engineering - speaker components seamlessly work together as an integrated system
  • Extremely low resonance enclosures - hear music exactly as it was recorded
  • Tweeter waveguides improve on-and-off-axis high-frequency response
  • Precision crossover networks
  • Patented MMD transducers significantly improve cone performance, providing ideal rigidity and resistance to precision sound across the entire spectrum